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6 Of The Best Wedding Trends For 2019

As anyone who’s already planned a wedding will know, it takes an awful lot of time, effort and research to put this kind of event together… which is why it can be particularly helpful to take a look at all the latest wedding trends, so you can work out what you like and what you don’t before you start spending your hard-earned cash. The sheer amount of choice can be quite overwhelming, otherwise.

According to Country Living, handmade marketplace Etsy has just revealed its top trends for weddings this year and it could prove to be particularly inspirational reading for anyone planning on taking the plunge this year.

So what should you be considering in 2019, as Etsy would have it? For your wedding dresses, statement sleeves are where it’s at this year, so go big and go bold where these are concerned.

If you’re pondering over themes at the moment, you could do worse than go for a 90s twist to your shindig, apparently, since this is another key trend to emerge in recent times.

And you might also want to look into being more sustainable with your event planning, another big trend to rear its head this year… so think biodegradable confetti, disposable straws and locally sourced produce to hit this nail square on the head.

For even more ideas, pop on over to the Harper’s Bazaar website, where you’ll find all sorts of trends for 2019, including lots of colour, fresh embellishments and a vast array of statement details to really give your ceremony that wow factor you’ve been looking for.

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