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Are More Men Trying Jewellery?

There is evidence to suggest that the extended lockdown in the UK prompted more men to be adventurous with what they wear in an unexpected way.

According to an article for GQ magazine, men were buying more jewellery for themselves during lockdown. In fact, the publication cited figures from one jewellery retailer which revealed that sales of men’s jewellery doubled in the first six weeks of lockdown.

But why have men suddenly decided that they want to don some jewellery, and why did they make that decision at a point when we were barely able to leave our homes?

Rosh Mahtani, founder of British jewellery brand Alighieri, has a theory that she shared with the publication. “I think men have become braver, even men who never thought they would buy themselves jewellery,” she stated.

Ms Mahtani also told the magazine that many men seem to have been taking inspiration from their girlfriend’s jewellery collections.

Gold jewellery is proving particularly popular among the UK’s men, the magazine revealed, while men are also opting for increasingly ornate pieces.

As an article for Tatler recently pointed out, the key to wearing men’s jewellery right and tapping into this trend is to make sure you don’t go over the top. Stylist Perpetua Ip told the publication that “less is more” when it comes to men’s jewellery.

She also recommended that men experiment with “versatile pieces that add an unexpected touch to your everyday look”.

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