Birth Stone - June

Birth Stone - June

June is a rather unique month in that it is the only month in the year with more than one birthstone; in fact, it has three. However, amongst these three, arguably the most recognized stone of them all is the Pearl. With June marking the beginning of summer, we associate this month with the sun, sea and holidays, making Pearl perfectly fitting.

Birthstones have a long history which has evolved over time, starting with the idea that specific gemstones had powers which could be worn each month to provide therapeutic and protective benefits, to the more modern concept of wearing specific stones depending on the month of birth.  The birthstone list has however been around for many years and has remained unchanged for over 100 years.

Pearls, which are formed in reaction to an irritant in the shell of a mollusc such as oysters or clams, are a magnificent stone. With a natural origin, they are the epitome of pure beauty and can occur in many colours, from the more familiar soft white and cream shades, to black, gold and blue. Known for their elegance and value, pearls have become popular amongst many brides across the world, and although they are most commonly worn in jewellery, they have also often been used to embellish clothing.

As well as to be worn by brides on their special day, pearls are a great gift for anyone born in the month of June, whether this is a simple pair of earrings or a pearl pendant. At the Jewellery Superstore, we have a large pearl collection to suit different personalities and styles, whilst beautifully exhibiting the fine appearance of the pearl.

We here at The Jewellery Superstore are always keeping our eyes on the latest trends and unique designs, and with our wide range of gifts and accessories available, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pieces for June.

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