Birth Stone – May

Birth Stone – May

Emerald is associated with those born in the month of May. A beautiful stone, that is green in colour and often associated with the colour of Spring, and has long symbolised love and rebirth. We here at The Jewellery Superstore, think Emerald is one of the most elegant stones, allow us to explain why.

The history of the Emerald goes back quite some time, in fact Emerald was originally the gem of the Goddess, Venus and considered to aid in fertility. However, Venus is not the only famous historical figure to have ties to the Emerald stone. Egypt’s last active Ptolemaic ruler, Cleopatra was famous for wearing Emeralds. In fact, Ancient Egyptian mummies would often be buried with an Emerald carved with the symbol of verdure, on their necks to symbolise eternal youth.  

With Emerald, the deeper and more vivid the green – the more valuable the gemstone. In fact, the most valuable Emeralds also exhibit an intense blue hue in addition to their green colour. Emeralds, among the rarest of gems, are almost always found with birthmarks, known as inclusions. Some inclusions are expected and do not detract from the value of the stone as much as with other gemstones.

Like many other gemstones, throughout history the Emerald has been seen to have various different properties that ranged from mystical to healing powers. There were those who believed that the Emerald could cure stomach problems, control epilepsy and even stop bleeding. Due to its smooth green colour, it’s also been thought that it was able to ward off panic and keep the wearer relaxed and sane.

We think Emeralds are one of the most beautiful, underrated stones here at The Jewellery Superstore. Our Emerald collection is one of our personal favourites that includes all the necessary pieces to ensure that you accessorise your outfit perfectly this May.

We also have a Pinterest board set up full of all our Emerald inspirations, and if your birth stone is this wonderful green gem, then Happy Birthday from us all here at The Jewellery Superstore!


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