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Birth Stone – November

As we leave October behind, we carry through a theme to the new month of November, which is another two-birth stone month.

This month’s birth stones are Topaz and Citrine, with Topaz perhaps being the more traditional one of the two, as well as being more commonly used in jewellery.

Topaz is mostly associated with brilliant shades of blue, however it can form in a rainbow of colours ranging from yellow to orange as well as shades of pink and purple. In its natural state however, Topaz is a golden brown to yellow shade, meaning it’s sometimes confused with Citrine. A variety of impurities and treatments therefore help make Topaz’s rich colours such as wine red, reddish orange, and pale green.

Historically, birthstones were worn as they were believed to have symbolic meanings and powers. The precious Topaz is known to symbolise friendship, and is also the gemstone of the American state of Utah.

Today, this beautiful stone is a classy and elegant way to add character and style to any look. To prove this, we’ve selected a few of our Topaz jewellery favourites.

Gold Pear Shaped Blue Topaz Drop Earrings 

These beautiful 9ct gold drop earrings are a soft and feminine addition to any outfit, capturing light in their sparkles.

Gold Pear Shaped Blue Topaz Pendant 

Be the star of your own show with this stunning, pear shaped pendant necklace – ideal for any occasion. Alternatively, this would make a special gift for a November birthday.

Silver Blue Topaz Bangle 

Bangles will never go out of style. This gorgeous blue topaz piece is elegant and perfect for accessorizing a look whilst keeping it simple.

We here at The Jewellery Superstore are always keeping our eyes on the latest trends and unique designs, and with our wide range of gifts and accessories available, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pieces for November.

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