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Birth Stone – September

The month of September is associated with the beautiful gemstone that is Sapphire. With its striking rich blue appearance, Sapphire is one of the world’s most recognised gemstones, particularly since its association with the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring, and prior to that, Princess Diana.

Representing loyalty, trust, and honesty, it is easy to see why many designers use this stone in engagement rings, and why it is popular amongst royals throughout the world. Found in many countries, including Kashmir and Sri Lanka, like most gemstones, Sapphire was once believed to protect those who are wearing it.

The name “Sapphire” is taken from the Greek word meaning blue. Although this stone is traditionally known as blue, it is a common misconception that they can only be blue in colour. In fact, natural Sapphire can be many colours including pink, yellow and orange, the rarest being a pinkish-orange shade. Generally, the purer the colour, the more valuable the stone.

Sapphires have been worn in jewellery for many years dating back to ancient times, and with its excellent durability, it is even being used today in Apple products!

For those looking for a blue Sapphire pendant or earring set, here at the Jewellery Superstore our Sapphire collection includes a range of special pieces which make perfect September gifts. View our collection here.

We here at The Jewellery Superstore are always keeping our eyes on the latest trends and unique designs, and with our wide range of gifts and accessories available, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pieces for September.

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