Brooches – on the way back? The Jewellery Superstore

Brooches – on the way back?

At the 2017 Grammys, Adele subtly accessorised her dress with a nod to her own ‘idol’, Beyoncé with a lemon brooch. Now, we’re seeing the trend more and more, with ladies looking to personalise their outfits more and more. The good thing about a brooch is the versatility, and often people don’t even realise all the different ways in which they can be worn, well allow us at The Jewellery Superstore to explain…

The Classic

The brooch is often worn on the shoulder, which provides a smart look, whilst also ensuring that it compliments your outfit. The classic look is perfect for work, or more formal functions. The types of brooch that would be perfect for this are subtle, or encrusted with diamonds/other gyms.


A more modern take on the brooch would be wearing multiple at once. Each of the brooches should complement one another. For example, flowers are usually a good idea as these work well together. This look is certainly more contemporary than the classic, and would look better on a coat or a jacket, rather than on a dress or being the prominent point for the outfit as a whole. This look would suit a formal-casual event.


You don’t need to be outrageous with it either! Sometimes, the simplest option is the best option. If you’re wearing a jacket, or an outercoat, putting a small pin in the collar will offer some personalisation without taking over your full look. This has a more vintage effect, so older brooches would look great. This look can be worn almost anywhere, as long as the pin is not too outlandish, it can be even be perfect for work!


How about a pin to keep your cardigan together, or even something to liven up your scarf? A brooch is the perfect option, and here’s where you can be playful. The brooch can be as big and as loud as you like, as it all works to compliment your outfit. This is a casual look, and can really make you shine amongst your friends.

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