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Chains And Necklaces For Men In 2021

When discussing men’s accessories, it’s usually more likely we overlook jewellery in favour of ties, shoes, and watches. However, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings are arguably just as essential to completing a look as the apparel and accessories they’re worn with, from formal attire to a basic t-shirt and jeans.

It can be understandable, as men can often see jewellery for men as being gaudy, and fear looking like Mr T, or don’t feel comfortable emulating Harry Style’s more gender-neutral jewellery approach.

However, times have changed, and more fashion houses are offering tasteful glitz that can be work for almost any occasion.


Chains and necklaces

An ever-growing roll call of the world’s coolest men have opted for a necklace, and have shifted the attitudes towards blurring the gender stereotyping in fashion, and now is a great time to experiment with a chain or necklace.

The first step into picking out a necklace is to decide on the material of the chain and then the pendant to add the styling that has made them so popular.

An oxidised sterling silver chain offers a more masculine and timeless vibe with the colour shade working best in winter months underneath tailoring and next to navy blues and grey, and works wonderfully with a silver engraved tie slide.

A yellow gold chain is brighter, creating a contrast that really pops against black while complimenting warmer tones like orange and brown.

Stocking with just the chain is fine, of course, but acting a pendant can bring personality to your look. However, there’s no strict rule for a pendant, and it is best to keep your eye out for something that you can connect with. Try looking for vintage designs on a pendant too, to add a dash of the classic with your contemporary styling.

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