Chic ‘80s Jewellery Trends You’ll Want To Embrace This Winter

Chic ‘80s Jewellery Trends You’ll Want To Embrace This Winter

When you think of the fashion from the 1980s, your first thought is probably vibrant neon colours and questionable hairstyles. 

However, while these are certainly associated with this decade, there are some fantastic jewellery trends from this period of time too and some of them are making a resurgence.

The Zoe Report recently pointed to the rising popularity of oversize pieces, particularly items made from gold.  

Speaking to the publication, Jill Heller, a fine jeweller and vintage expert, said that the glamorous side of ‘80s fashion is what’s coming back on trend now. “When I think of ‘80s - jewels, sleek, shiny, sexy, yellow gold.”

She picked out the likes of oversize earrings, wide snake chains and gold tube necklaces adding, “They’re timeless, and that’s why they’re fresh now”.

Bold gold jewellery is one of the most prominent trends to be returning from the ‘80s and sneaking back into our outfits this winter. Likewise, pearls are also becoming more popular again.

Oversize earrings, and particularly studs, are another trend that’s on the rise. A pair of 9ct gold knot stud earrings could be a good place to begin if you want to experiment with this look without going too big too quickly. 

As we recently pointed out, there are some interesting trends to look forward to for spring/summer 2021 too. One that we particularly loved was Victoria Beckham’s chunky chain necklace, indicating that this style of jewellery is back in a big way. 

In fact, several fashion houses, including Dolce & Gabbana chose to include chains in their most recent runway shows, so you might want to consider putting one on your Christmas list.  

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