Hinged Sleepers

Hinged Sleepers

For years, hinged sleeper earrings have been a hot trend. Unlike other earring styles with fluctuating popularity, these hoop shaped earrings have managed to stay current throughout the decades, making them a style staple.

As well as embracing this classic hoop shape, designers have experimented with creating hoops of varying shapes, sizes, textures, and colours, so whilst evolving, the simple hoop has remained a favourite jewellery piece. Although this earring style has been seen on many catwalks exhibiting this year’s trends, including Marni and Stella McCartney, you don’t have to pay these hefty designer price tags to be able to afford this must-have piece.

Please welcome…The Jewellery Superstore.

At The Jewellery Superstore, we are always keeping our eyes on the latest trends and unique designs. However, we are also passionate about providing a range of high quality jewellery pieces and accessories at affordable prices. This month at The Jewellery Superstore one of our favourite jewellery pieces are the 9ct gold hinged sleeper earrings. Here are our top 3 reasons why:

1.       Versatility

These gold hinged sleeper earrings are particularly popular because of their day to night wear-ability, making them very versatile. They are also a great accessory for complementing any outfit, making them very easy to wear.

2.       Statement

Hinged sleeper earrings are a stylish alternative to other earrings because of their ability to make a statement without being too overbearing. Their simple appearance allows them to create impact and look fun, whilst looking elegant and sophisticated.  

3.       Staple

There’s no sign of this trend disappearing, and being 9 carat gold, these hinged sleeper earrings are a high-quality piece which will last, making them a relevant component of every girl’s jewellery collection.  

To see our full range, be sure to keep your eyes on The Jewellery Superstore site!

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