How To Keep Your Silver Jewellery Looking Great

How To Keep Your Silver Jewellery Looking Great

Silver jewellery can last a lifetime and looks wonderful every time you wear it, but unlike gold, silver jewellery can tarnish over time.

However, while it can look like it’s going to take a lot of work to bring it back to its best, this generally isn’t the case, as the Express recently explained.

It shared advice from Est1897, whose experts offered some simple steps you can take to keep your silver jewellery shining. Firstly, you should create a cleaning solution by putting a few drops of washing up liquid in some warm water.

Once you’ve done this, soak any tarnished jewellery in the solution for 30 minutes. Next, take a toothbrush and pop it into the water so that all the bristles are wet. Now use this brush to clean your jewellery carefully, making sure to get into any engravings or corners.

When you’ve finished cleaning your jewellery, rinse each piece with clean water to ensure there’s no soapy residue left on the metal or stones. Finish the process by using a lint-free cloth to dry and polish your pieces of jewellery.

There are good reasons to clean your jewellery too, especially pieces you wear regularly, with research from Est1897 revealing that 21,000 growths of bacteria can gather on your jewellery every week. That’s regardless of what metal it’s made of, so it’s important to clean your wrist jewellery, rings, earrings and any other items you wear regularly..

The Daily Mail recently shared some other jewellery cleaning hacks, with one woman turning to a solution of boiling water and bicarbonate of soda to remove tarnishing from her silver jewellery and bring it back to its best. 

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