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Is Peridot Set For A Resurgence?

Peridot is a stone that’s often forgotten in jewellery circles. Its bright green colour makes it stand out from the likes of emeralds that have much deeper green tones and, despite being the birthstone for August, it rarely seems to be in the spotlight.

However, British Vogue suggested that this could be set to change after peridot featured in some influential jewellery collections recently.

What’s more, the publication noted that the Duchess of Cambridge has been spotted wearing peridot earrings - the design she chose teamed the green stone with the pale blue of aquamarine.

Vincenzo Castaldo, creative director at Gioia di Pomellato, explained why he is so drawn to peridot and therefore why it featured in the brand’s latest collection.

“The peridot amongst all the green gems is the one that features the most seductive shades, reminiscent of the green tones that are so typical of summertime,” he asserted.

The publication also pointed out that peridot is known as the “evening emerald”, with creative director and head of gemstone buying at Bulgari Lucia Silvestri explaining that this is because its shade of green “doesn’t darken as the sun goes down and can still be clearly seen by the weak light of lamps”.

As Prestige Online explained at the start of August, peridot is Egypt’s national gem, with the precious stone having links back to the pharaohs of old. Peridot is also known for its healing properties, with claims that it can bring its wearer strength and mental clarity.

Peridot is the only gem aside from diamonds that isn’t formed in the Earth’s crust. Instead it is formed in the planet’s mantle and only brought to the surface through tectonic plate movement. It has also been found in pallasite meteorites.

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