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January Birth Stone

January. The month of new beginnings, goal setting and recovering from a busy December. For many, it’s just another month of the year, however for Capricorns and Aquarius’ it’s party time!

The birthstone for January is the beautiful Garnet stone – considered to symbolize great friendship and trust if given as a gift. Coming in a rainbow of colours from Mandarin Garnet and Tsavourite, to Pyrope garnet, a wonderfully elegant purple shade, this gem truly is a stunning piece to wear in jewellery in all its colours and forms.

As many gemstones have historically been associated with protective powers, legends say that Garnet “lights up the night” to protect their owners from nightmares and fears that lurk in the dark of night. Because of this, Garnet has been known to be carried by travellers on long journeys, to protect them from accidents and potential danger far from home.

Garnet is also the perfect gift for a loved one, as it’s said to symbolise a great bond and friendship between the giver and recipient. This timeless gemstone has therefore been presented as a gift for many centuries, and with its special meaning and precious appearance it’s no wonder.

We here at The Jewellery Superstore are always keeping our eyes on the latest trends and unique designs, and with our wide range of gifts and accessories available, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pieces for January. Click here to view our Garnet range! 

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