Jewellery Fashion trends from London Fashion Week The Jewellery Superstore

Jewellery Fashion trends from London Fashion Week


Here at the Jewellery Superstore, we’ve been saying for a while that Pearls are definitely coming back, we saw them make an appearance at the Golden Globes and have seen vintage jewellery make a comeback. This season, the traditional pearl necklace made a comeback on to the catwalks, and we think it’s definitely a worthy revival. Check out our full collection of pearls, we think that there’s no better way to compliment a pearl necklace than with some subtle pearl earrings. A classic look, which has never looked better.

Bracelets over sleeves

Has the bracelet ever gone out of fashion? Whilst styles and variations come and go, the bracelet is a staple that manages to add some glam to any outfit. Whether it be going out, going to work, or attending a function, a bracelet will compliment well. This year at London Fashion Week, we saw many designers placing bracelets and bangles over sleeves to really highlight the pieces. A fabulous alternative with bracelets, are just above the elbow or even above gloves, which will really set your style apart and show off your bracelet wonderfully.

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces and pendants were a big feature this year at London fashion week, and we here at The Jewellery Superstore know why. From large pendants to even more special lockets, making a statement with a neckpiece is on the rise, once again. A statement necklace can really set off any outfit, making something drab look something spectacular. With various different styles out there, you can create different looks with different necklaces. Keep an eye out for jewellery sets which include matching statement necklaces and earrings.

The Jewellery Superstore pride themselves on providing outstanding choice, value, and quality. With a wide range of jewellery which we know you’ll love. Check out our full range and various collections on the site today, and ensure that you stay in front with jewellery fashion trends.

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