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Jewellery Through Time: Part 1

Jewellery trends have constantly changed throughout time, sometimes we see trends come back in fashion, sometimes we see trends just fade into the abys. Here at the Jewellery Superstore, we obviously love and know jewellery, so here are our favourite trends throughout time. 

1910’s – The Art Nouveau decade – Diamonds were the stone of choice. Sapphires and aquamarine gems were also becoming popular. The metal which housed the stone were often (scalloped) lightly engraved, and the most prominent piece for females was a neck piece called the ‘negligee’ – an irregular piece with longer tassels at the end.

1920’sThe Art Deco decade – Diamonds stayed as the stone of choice, however, the pearl also began to see a popular rise. Sapphires and rubies were still a popular option. Designs tended to be geometric, and the rise of what now would be defined as ‘costume jewellery’ began to take off. Jewelled headwear was also the fashion piece of the moment.

1930’s – The Hollywood Glamour decade –  This decade was very much inspired by onscreen sirens. The women were flocking to their local cinema to see what actresses were wearing, particularly their jewellery. Amethysts, aquamarine and citrine were the stones of choice, and the most desired pieces were bright in colour and loud in design.

1940’s – Glamour and Diamonds decade – Whilst diamonds missed the 1930’s, they made a huge comeback in the 1940’s. This time many were teaming them up with gold, which marked the first time the two had really been paired together. Elegance defined this decade, meaning that all jewellery pieces were exactly that. Brooches had become a big piece for ladies’ jewellery fashion.

1950’s – Ultra-feminine Glamour decade – The 50’s saw a rise of numerous gem stones, however there was still a heavy emphasis on diamonds. Gold jewellery still retained its popularity from the 40’s, however, people were forgetting the elegant and began to draw more to the dramatic. Jewellery sets were common, so females were wearing the full matching necklace and earrings. Whilst bracelets had previously been stacked, the 50’s actually saw the bracelet become wider, rather than wearing multiple.

Want to know more about jewellery trends through the ages, stay tuned for our part two! And for all your jewellery needs, make sure to check through our website, as we’re confident you’ll find the piece for you here at The Jewellery Superstore.

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