Jewellery Through Time: Part 2

Jewellery Through Time: Part 2

Last week we gave you Part 1 of our look at jewellery through time, this week we’re giving you part 2 of all the trends that we’ve seen come and go. With many years in the jewellery industry, we’ve seen some famous, and infamous, styles come and go. So, allow us to guide you through from 1960 – present day.

1960’s – Leaving the elegance of the 1950’s behind, the 60’s saw the rise of plastic jewellery. Whilst pearls remained popular, diamond was not the stone of the time. However, milk glass became prominent, particularly for female jewellery. Layering was a common trend, particularly with necklaces, stacking bangles and rings. The 60’s saw the departure of elegance and headed towards a more bohemian movement.

1970’s – Not away for too long, diamante jewellery made a comeback in the 70’s. However, Coral and Turquoise were both fashionable gem stones at the time. It was also fashionable to mix stones with leather, which was a first for jewellery trends. Striking statement pieces were also the in thing, particularly large gold earrings which were the piece of the time.

1980’s – The theme for jewellery in the 80’s would be described as, the bigger the better. Oversized necklaces and earrings were incredibly fashionable. Mixing and matching was also a huge trend, meaning that people were mixing metals, particularly when stacking. Brooches also made a huge reappearance, which complimented the bigger outfits. Although, jewellery tended to be bigger, the 80’s saw less emphasis on solid golds and silvers, and looked for cheaper more malleable metals instead.

1990’s – The 90’s saw a drastic change from the 80’s in jewellery trends. Beads had become fashionable, and had left the mixing metals trends behind. Choker necklaces were perhaps the most on point piece of this decade, whilst for perhaps the first time, silver had become the metal of choice, replacing the usually popular gold. Glass or quartz stones were rising in popularity, leaving diamonds and various other colourful jewels behind, which had dominated previous decades’ trends.

2000’s – The trend for the 2000’s would rightfully be described as ‘flashy and bold’. Rhinestones had made a huge appearance, and diamonds began to re-emerge as the stone of choice. Both gold and silver were popular throughout this decade, rather than previous eras which had seen just one. Items like large hooped earrings, layered chain necklaces and cuffs had become incredibly popular.

Present Day – New innovations have seen various different trends become fashionable, particularly in jewellery. Platinum has replaced gold and silver as the ‘it’ metal – particularly chosen for wedding bands and rings. Coloured gemstones have continued to rise, and diamond remains as the popular stone of choice. We’re also seeing the rise of male jewellery presently, which hasn’t really been seen on this scale previously. 

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