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Make A Statement With Cocktail Rings

After months of lockdown, and wearing PJs all day long, are you pining for an even to get dressed up in all your finest, most glamorous outfits?


After years of delicate jewellery dominating the fashion trends, huge, decadent statement rings are due a return. What are they you ask? We have a guide to statement rings, and how to wear them right here.


They are big, bold, and ultimately eye-catching rings. Statement rings, or cocktail rings as they’re also known generally feature an oversized diamond, gem, or a metal motif that is simply made for you to show off your unique style and personality.


They became fashionable in the 1920s during the prohibition era in America, the decade that outlawed the sale of alcohol and gave birth to the feminist movement. The rebellious girls of that time would attend illicit parties in flashy flapper dresses and showy jewellery.


The large rings, typically worn on the right hand would be discretely flashed at the bartender, giving him the secret signal for ordering taboo cocktails. And thus, the cocktail ring was conceived.


In modern times, however, there are fewer rules for how to wear them, and you can brandish a statement ring on either hand, and any finger, and as many as you want to wear. As for the occasion, you might want one a little less outlandish for the office, but don your boldest and most glamorous rings for a formal event. Playful, and quirky rings are great for drinks with friends.


Do keep in mind that these huge rings will draw envious attention to your hands, so make sure you have had a manicure before you make your statement! The key to pulling off the look is confidence, and cocktail rings are meant to be eye-catching, so be prepared to wallow in the attention you’ll receive.


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