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Product Spotlight: Tree of Life

This month, we are featuring a very special style of jewellery in our product spotlight – the ‘Tree of Life’. Our range was inspired by the symbolism of which has featured throughout history, representing the existence and creation of everything.

For hundreds of years, the ‘Tree of Life’ has been used as a metaphor for evolution – more famously recognised in a passage written by naturalist, Charles Darwin.

Dating back millenniums, the ‘Tree of life’ was most present in Egyptian mythology, believing that some of the first people to walk Earth had emerged from an acacia tree, which Egyptians consider to be the ‘Tree of Life’.

We love the symbolism of the Tree of Life. Its mysteriously beautiful concept has inspired us to provide our very own range of stunning jewellery pieces which incorporate these themes. From elegant gold necklaces to stylish silver earrings, we have a variety of choice, so that you can feature the tree of life in your look, in the way that best suits your unique style.  


The Tree of life has a variety of meanings and will mean different things to each individual. However, as fashion continues to change, this beautiful concept will never out-date. 

We love keeping up with current trends and styles, however, this is one in which we feel will always be a popular choice for our customers. To browse our wonderful Tree of Life range, click here

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