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Top Trend: Lockets

The beautiful thing about lockets, is regardless of age, women choose them due to their timelessness coupled with their personalisation. Lockets have withstood the test of time, still being a fashionable item, whilst other trends fade in and out, season by season, which makes them the perfect wardrobe basic. An everyday compliment to any outfit, and a range of styles and varieties available from plain to intricate designs – the locket is potentially the most versatile piece of jewellery on the market. 

It’s unclear to say what has attracted women to lockets for a number of years, always being at the forefront of fashion trends. Perhaps it’s their ability to hold the wearers most cherished memories so close, or even their unique charm, which makes them unlike any other neck pieces available. However, vintage jewellery has recently seen a revival, with vintage lockets being a particular piece that has become ever more popular. What we’re starting to see now, is new lockets being designed with the vintage appeal. 

Choosing the perfect locket is sometimes difficult due to the number of various styles available. There is the more classic design, which is a more traditional round or oval locket. However, there is the option of a more contemporary locket, which come in different shapes and sizes. There is also the choice of gold, silver or even another metal. Usually this is chosen to go with a chain, or to go with other jewellery. 

Lockets are an excellent choice for all occasions whether that be a business meeting, a family event or party or even a wedding. Whatever the moment, a locket will always be complimentary, whilst offering the personal sentimentalism, keeping your nearest and dearest close to you always. 

The Jewellery Superstore not only has a collection of beautiful lockets, but also stunning chains which compliment beautifully. We have a range of jewellery and timeless pieces that will be suitable for any occasion, event or gift. 

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