Vintage Jewellery: The comeback?

Vintage Jewellery: The comeback?


Pearls ooze sophistication, old Hollywood, and simplicity. It seems to be their flattering effect on complexion and their go-with-anything charm that has seen their resurgence. Pearls are perfect to wear at the office, as they’re an inoffensive and subtle way to add style to smart workwear. However, if a necklace is not for you, pearl earrings make a similar impact. Adding instant glamour to your work outfit, again remaining sophisticated enough to wear in the workplace.


Brooches of course are a fantastic and unique way to personalise your outfit. There are many ways to style a brooch; on a scarf for example is a great way to offer subtlety whilst being definitely unique. Modern takes on wearing a brooch include wearing multiple at once particularly on the shoulder area, which offers a fresh take on something so traditional.  


If you haven’t already, check out our blog which gives you the full lowdown on how to make the locket a contemporary addition to your wardrobe.

Lockets are a beautiful and elegant style choice for all occasions. They can be styled with almost any outfit, whether that be a business meeting, a family event, a party or even a wedding. Whatever the moment, a locket will always be complimentary, whilst offering the personal sentimentalism, keeping your nearest and dearest closest to you.

Here at the Jewellery Superstore, we love seeing new trends come and go, we think this is what makes jewellery so exciting! Browse our full collection of vintage jewellery, you never know, you could be the envy of all your friends keeping up to date, without breaking the bank. 

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