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What Are Constellation Piercings?

Constellation piercings are one of the big summer jewellery and fashion trends to watch, but do you know what they are? Essentially they are a group of piercings on your ears. Often they consist of two or more lobe piercings, as well as one or more piercings in the cartilage areas of your ear.


Hello! Magazine recently provided a handy guide to the different forms of piercings you can have in your ears, including helix, tragus, conch and daith piercings. The publication spoke to Laura Bond, founder of her self-named jewellery brand, who said she has noticed an increase in people having the likes of daith and conch piercings since lockdown started easing.


She also explained that it’s important to listen to the aftercare instructions you’re given when it comes to helping your piercing heal, with those that go through cartilage typically needing nine to 12 months to fully heal.


When it comes to curating your earrings to make the most of constellation piercings, the key is to choose complementary (although not necessarily matching) earrings. Studs are, of course, popular, but you can introduce small drops too depending on where on the ear your piercings sit.


A good look for the summer could include some 9ct gold 6mm simulated pearl stud earrings, for instance, as well as some plain gold studs or some simple hoops.


The publication also urged people not to be afraid of experimenting with their earrings and how they style their ears.


Last month, Stylist magazine noted that “a hoop earring is the cherry on top of every great outfit”, so you may also want to invest in a timeless and elegant pair of hoops if you don’t already have some in your jewellery box. 

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