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What Are The Best Bridal Earrings?

 It’s essential to pick out the right accessories to complete the look.

Whether it’s the bouquet, or choosing gorgeous shoes - making sure you’re going to be comfortable in them all day long - every detail of the bride’s outfit matters, including jewellery, and not simply your engagement and wedding rings.

From refined pearls to a pair of statement-making 9ct gold 6mmsimulated pearl stud earrings, taking time and thought to pick out the best wedding day accessories can make the entire celebration feel extra special.

Keep in mind that earrings are the one item, in addition to the veil, that will help to frame the bride’s face in all the photos from the big day.

You may need to consider the theme of your wedding, if there is a theme, to find a pair that complements your overall look.

For example, a carefully chosen pair of vintage-inspired jewels or an elaborate pair of chandelier earrings can instantly evoke the mood of an Old Hollywood-themed wedding.

If you’re looking for ways to break up your all-white ensemble, then a pair of colourful jewelled earrings will help you achieve that.

Your earrings could be part of the ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue’, with a new pair of luxurious sapphire droplets or old or borrowed delicate aquamarine stones to decorate your ears as you walk down the aisle.

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