What To Buy For Father’s Day 2020

What To Buy For Father’s Day 2020

Dads have to be either one of the trickiest or easiest to buy for, especially for. Sure, there are plenty of fathers who are more than happy with a selection of craft beers and a book about cricket, but what about something he’ll truly treasure for years to come?

If the dad in your life deserves something special, there are so many gift ideas out there, but many of them do tend to have a ‘novelty’ value about them. Maybe you should consider jewellery.

For most men, jewellery can be completely confusing and it’s easy to understand why. The term ‘man jewellery’ has an unattractive stigma around it from decades of limited offerings on the market.

While dads of a certain age will have fond memories of watching Saturday afternoon A-Team re-runs, no one wants to be dripping in gold like Mr T, but the idea of wearing jewellery that might be considered a little more ‘delicate’ may lead men to still believe men's jewellery to be feminine. Emasculating, even. None of which is remotely true.

Choose wisely, and you can buy him something that'll last for many years. The rules are straightforward enough. If you want several bits of glitz, keep it simple - a thin chain sits far better with a gold band than fistfuls of the kind of stuff normally hidden behind stolen wartime paintings.

To strike gold with men's jewellery, you don't need much of it. Whether dad is a suit and tie man, or a jeans and t-shirt kinda fella, a piece of simple statement jewellery will have him standing out from the crowd.

Why not take a look at our jewellery ideas for men, including silver motor gearbox cufflinks.

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