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What Will Spring 2021s Jewellery Trends Be?

Spring is now just about upon us, even if the weather sometimes tries to persuade us otherwise. That means it’s time to think about the season’s fashion and jewellery trends.

Warmer days are on the way whatever the ides of March may be, so that means ladies will be able to put away the thick jumpers and have a bit more freedom to show off some fine items. The only question is what might emerge as the most popular.

According to Cosmopolitan, the most likely trends this spring will include colourful necklace beads, mismatched earrings and statement earrings, wrist charms, thick chains with bold pendants and bulbous earrings. Multi-layering of two or more necklaces will also be in.

These predictions suggest that the spring will be a year for making big visual statements with lots of colour and detail. Some may suggest that is ideal for a season when life will increasingly feel free as the country opens up and personal expression can flourish.

However, even Cosmo doesn’t suggest all the in-vogue jewellery will be like this, listing pearls as a perennial popular choice.

Indeed, if you want to wear something understated this year rather than going for a riot of colour, our 9ct Gold 6mm Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings may be theperfect fit.

The question is, has Cosmopolitan got it right? Vogue suggests some similar ideas, with chunky chains and neon earrings providing plenty of colour even before the warmer weather arrives. But it, too, suggests pearls will continue to appeal, noting that they “haven’t lost their modernised lustre”.

Big earrings, chunky chains and lots of colourful beads are also forecasted by Harper’s Bazaar, so it appears there is a consensus that size and colour will be prime features of 2021’s jewellery trends.

Not everyone feels at home with that, however, and if you want something understated but still in line with 2021 trends, it seems pearls are definitely the way to go. 

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