Why Do People Wear 9ct Gold St Christopher Necklaces?

Why Do People Wear 9ct Gold St Christopher Necklaces?

The fashion for wearing saint medals and necklaces is certainly not a new one… in fact, it can be traced as far back as the second century, with medals given to newly baptized Christians to celebrate their baptism and reception into the Church.


These days, the religious significance of the baptism may not be quite as strong when it comes to wearing saint necklaces (although, no doubt, there are countless out there among you who do still wear them for this reason and this reason alone).


Different saints have different meanings attached to them and people do choose to wear saint necklaces based on these meanings - such as 9ct gold St Christopher necklaces. But what is the particular significance of this special saint and why do people wear him around their necks?


There are all sorts of legends about the life and death of St Christopher, first appearing in Greece during the sixth century. One of the most popular variants on the legend of St Christopher is that while he was serving the king of Canaan, he took it upon himself to look for the devil, who he believed the king to be afraid of.


On his journey, he met a band of marauders, one of whom said he was the devil, so Christopher decided to stick with him, One day, he discovered that his new master feared Christ, so he left and went on his way to find Christ himself. He met a hermit who suggested that he serve Christ by helping people to cross a dangerous river, as they were dying in their attempts.


Upon helping a child cross the river, the water swelled around him and the child felt as heavy as lead, so heavy in fact that Christopher struggled to carry him. When he did eventually reach the river bank on the other side, he told the child he had put him in serious danger and that he didn’t believe the whole world could have been as heavy.


The child replied: “You had on your shoulders not only the whole world but Him who made it. I am Christ your king, whom you are serving by this work.” Upon this utterance, the child vanished.


The name Christopher means Christ-bearer and St Christopher has become known as the patron saint of travellers.


Interestingly, because he offers protection to travellers and against sudden death, a lot of churches around the world put images and statues of him near the south door so that he can be spotted easily by those visiting the place of worship. He is also occasionally represented with the head of a dog!


A St Christopher pendant would be the perfect choice of gift for anyone planning on going on their travels, or for yourself if you are planning on heading off on your jollies any time soon.

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